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From Β£2 per month (that's just 6p per day), you can reduce your carbon footprint by planting certified trees, removing ocean-bound plastic and funding carbon reduction projects to reduce your negative climate impact.

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Accredited by leading climate change partners

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Your Impact Profile is your public webpage where you can see all the actions you've made so far. Every tree, bottle and kg of CO2 countered is accounted for.

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We'll regularly send you informative monthly summaries highlighting all your positive environmental actions and keep you up to date with our latest news.

Working towards global goals

We're so much more than just planting trees and removing plastic. Every project we support helps vulnerable communities all over the world improve their lives.

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How we produce & can reduce

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Countering carbon

Here's how we reduce carbon footprints whilst protecting and restoring the planet's balance.

Counter your footprint
Planting trees
All of our trees are planted in damaged areas to restore eco-systems and provide employment.
Removing plastic
We recover plastic waste from vulnerable waterways and coastlines to prevent ocean-plastic pollution
Funding projects
Varied projects include renewable energy farms, environmental solutions, ecological research and social-care.
Helping communities
Each project we fund not only benefits the environment but works towards social improvement goals too.
Conserving forests
As well as starting new forests, we work with our partners to conserve endangered areas and habitats.
A trusted combination
Using these united actions enables us and our community to make the biggest impact possible.
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Trusted by our users

Our community has already planted over 300k trees.

Verified & certified

Approved by the leading climate change platforms.

Working with trusted partners

Our planters work with local communities to restore native forests on a global scale, thereby creating much-needed jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

Planting in Kenya

Our partners have already stopped over 82.9 million kg of plastic reaching the oceans. Ocean-bound plastic is intercepted and removed from vulnerable costal areas all around the world.

Global cleanup

Every project our community supports and funds is regulated and accredited by a leading climate reduction partner. This ensures every projects meets the global Social Development Goals.

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